What happens after I pay? After your payment is successful, you will be taken to the software downloads page that has the SPY FILE you need, along with instructions. You can save this link and later open it on the target Android device. Opening the link on the target allows you to then download, install and open the SPY FILE, then input your email address into the Warning field (Admin#).

Do I need access to the target device? Yes, you will need access to the target device, both physically and legally. Text Watcher is intended to run on phones that you have legal access to, for technological and legal reasons. You will need access to the target device for approximately 30 seconds. This can be as easy as checking something on their Google:)

How invisible is the app? Text Watcher runs completely invisible, with no name or icon. The target device user will never know there is a spy app running. Also, the app uses almost no battery, and continues running even after reboots (power off/on).

Do I purchase Text Watcher on my own device or the target? You can buy Text Watcher on your own phone or pc, then save the link you are taken to for later installation onto the target device.

Why does the device say I cannot install the SPY FILE? You must enable UKNOWN SOURCES on the target device. To do this, goto SETTINGS:SECURITY, and check the Unknown Sources box.

I cannot enter my email, what is this Warning screen? The WARNING screen is just a disguised screen. Tap on the WARNING, and enter your email into the Administrator #.

How do I view the spied messages? After you enter your email into the WARNING Admin# field, all texts will be sent to that email. There is no need to log in to anything. Just check your email JUNK FOLDERS for the www-data emails that the app sends.

I am not getting the messages, what is going on? First of all, make sure to check your junk email folders, as the www-data emails that the app sends will initially go to your junk, until you mark them as not junk. Also, make sure you type your email address into the SPY FILE Admin# correctly.

Will I get all outgoing messages? You will get MOST outgoing messages. The Android platform makes it impossible to get sent messages without user consent each time. We get around this by pairing conversations. If the received text is from the same contact as the most recent sent text, you will get both. If the target is running KitKat 4.4, then this process works with the Handcent SMS app.

Will I get Facebook/Viber/Skype/Line messages? You will get Facebook/Viber/Skype/Line messages sent to your email. Note:Facebook Messenger will work when Target screen is off. To enable notifications spy, you must goto the Target devices SETTINGS:ACCESSIBILITY and scroll to the BLANK SPACE Service that says OFF, select the blank space and set it to ON.

Legal Disclaimer The device you monitor must be one that you own or one that is under your legal authority. If you are monitoring an adult user, you must disclose what you are doing to that individual.